Visionary Clients

Group W's visionary clients span the government, commercial, intergovernmental and non-governmental sectors. Their organizations confront some of the world's hardest problems.

Visionary clients are leaders and pioneers in their domains. They:

  • Have the courage and conviction to tackle the most complex questions critical to their stakeholders' future
  • Act as change agents by altering or enlarging their organization's thinking
  • Recognize that complex questions are stubbornly resistant to practical answers

Visionary clients appreciate allies who:

  • Provide answers that withstand intense and informed scrutiny
  • Break down barriers and say what needs to be said in pursuit of the truth
  • Contribute passion, tenacity and expertise

Group W is privileged to ally with:

United States government clients addressing investment, acquisition, policy and planning questions affecting their organizations' capabilities and the security and prosperity of the nation

  • US Army
  • US Navy
  • US Air Force
  • US Marine Corps
  • Office of the Secretary of Defense
  • The Joint Staff
  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  • US Forces Korea
  • US Central Command
  • US Pacific Fleet

Commercial clients seeking to improve their operations, products and services today and far into the future

  • The Boeing Company
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • Northrop Grumman Corporation

Intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations contending with some of the most pernicious economic, health and environmental challenges to international stability

  • The World Bank
  • The United Nations

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”