The Right Answer

Group W's clients are tackling some of the world's most complex questions. Our passion is finding the right answers to these questions.

The right answer is often surprising and always:

  • Analytically sound—it is not a pre-ordained conclusion or the product of a rote process
  • Defensible—it is able to withstand intense and informed scrutiny
  • Actionable—it leads to practical decisions consistent with resource, schedule and cultural constraints

Finding the right answer to genuinely complex questions requires vigorous debate, relentless effort and unconstrained thinking.

Decades of experience have taught us that four components are necessary for an environment where these practices can flourish:

  • Visionary clients who get things done, push the boundaries of their fields, and have the courage and conviction to defy conventional wisdom
  • Exceptional people who are driven by the challenges of complex questions and refuse to accept answers that are "good enough"
  • A unique combination of the rigor of science and the creativity of art
  • An unconventional culture that values meritocratic, evidence-based discourse as its highest ideal

“Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination.”