Unconventional Culture

Group W's unconventional culture is designed to foster the creativity and free thinking required to answer the most complex questions. The brightest critical thinkers often find traditional corporate cultures stifling and uninspiring. In contrast, we seek to create a culture that actively sacrifices convention to harvest the best ideas in pursuit of the right answer.

Group W's culture has several distinct elements woven into its DNA. Both our clients and our employees benefit from our unique approach.

  • Group W is not for the faint of heart. Ours is a demanding environment. Solving complex problems is hard work and we are compelled to get it right.
  • We strive to achieve equity in every domain. Our sense of fairness requires that we give and get value for value.
  • We are relentless in sharing information.
  • We embrace a diversity of perspectives in the belief that this opens the door to better ideas for our company and clients.
  • We sustain a meritocratic environment that encourages healthy skepticism and allows people to challenge ideas. We believe in open debates and open minds.
  • We employ the dialectic in our search for the right answer. It is a proven, objective means of creating and evolving evidence-based answers, through a dialogue governed by intellect, not fiat or emotion.
  • We demand the truth in every aspect of our enterprise.

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