Exceptional People

Finding the right answer to complex questions requires exceptional people who can:

  • Be effective allies with visionary clients
  • Inspire trust and confidence in the most difficult situations
  • Find the right blend of science and art, the right balance of rigor and creativity

Exceptional people are:

  • Highly educated, trained, experienced and skilled
  • Bold enough to explore all potential solutions and brave enough to defend or attack them in objective debate with peers
  • Intellectually resilient enough to exploit the value in partial solutions when absolute solutions are infeasible
  • Sophisticated enough to champion a visionary client's solution without becoming a cheerleader or a zealot
  • Courageous in their convictions but endowed with self-correcting humility

Group W is designed to catalyze exceptional people with:

  • A chance to work on the most pernicious, complex questions in their domain
  • A meritocracy that is driven solely by evidence-based discourse
  • A demanding environment peopled with colleagues who are compelled to get it right
  • A leadership culture of transparency and accountability that does not elevate the leaders above the led
  • An employee-owned, shared corporate endeavor