Cultural Manifesto

"We believe that all aspects of our corporation should be extensions of our values. If we are successful living day-to-day in accordance with our values, we believe that we will be more likely to be successful in our business and personal ventures and that we will always have the high ground in difficult situations. It is always difficult to live up to our values and we are far from perfect, but at the very least we are well intentioned and unflinching in confronting our shortcomings.

Sadly, many corporations establish the objective of making their actions consonant with their values but few actually achieve it. The litany of ways to go astray on this path is too long to be recited here. Further, a deep examination of those failures is not all that helpful in avoiding the same fate. If the lessons were easy to learn and implement, everyone would do it. A lateral solution is required.

At Group W, we approach the objective of making our actions consonant with our values by embracing a different corporate culture than most of our competitors. Our differences are founded upon our experiences, observations and considered judgment. While based upon sound principles, some of our culture appears to be unlike business practices elsewhere and this can be disorienting at times."

- Group W Corporate Culture Overview